A story of a farm family in US history


I invite you to follow me as I create the next farm-family book. Its working title is "Four Generations - Stories of a Kansas Farm Family." Conveniently, my husband, Leigh, is part of this family and grew up on the farm in the 4th generation.

I have a goal to finish this book within a year. Desert Almond Farmer took 5 1/2 years. During that time I developed my style, learned how to draw on digital tablets, and do image editing on the computer. With that behind me, I can do this much faster. (...or at least this is what I tell myself!)

–– Mary Kaye Godde Stamets, author


July 2021. Sacramento, CA – We're excited to start our second farm family book. It's about the old Stamets Farm in Kansas where Leigh grew up. We're going to explore the four generations that lived on this farm. 

Step 1. Old Photos - Leigh went through drawers, closets, and boxes to find old black and white family photos. I set them aside until we can digitize them. We have only one copy so we better scan them soon!

Step 2. Modern Photos

I browsed through my digital photo library. Like many people, I have thousands since the advent of digital cameras. I must have photos of at least 300 dpi in resolution to bleed photos off the book's pages. 

Here's one of my sunflower pictures I took in Yolo County. The sunflower is the Kansas' state flower. I will use one of them, I'm certain. However, I plan to go to Kansas. I would feel better if I could capture a sunflower in Kansas. Maybe I'm not so certain after all. I'll let you know what I find. We might be past the season.