A story of a farm family in US history

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"A high-spirited yet informative narrative about the highs and lows of raising a family in one of the oldest and hardest professions, Desert Almond Farmer is a refreshing read for all audiences.

Rich in family history and agricultural fact, Desert Almond Farmer offers a rare insight into the drive and strength it took to have a pioneering spirit while supporting a family and thriving in adverse circumstances."

Kent Stenderup, Blue Diamond Board Member and Almond Farmer

"Folklore celebrates ordinary people who often become extraordinary when we know their story. The tale of Frederick Godde, and his success in raising a family and becoming one of the founders of Blue Diamond Almonds is a window to the past.

Stamets’ intimate and humorous rendition of her grandfather’s life is both entertaining and a valuable resource."

Ruth Stotter, Folklorist

“Mary Kaye Godde Stamets has created a work of art, using words and images, to convey the story of her family homesteading a piece of the Mojave Desert in the 1880s.

Desert Almond Farmer is a visual feast for the heart, soul, and mind for any who have spent their life taking risks to make a life and offer a legacy to their family and community.”

Gerald W. Ward, Librarian

"Desert Almond Farmer is the most innovative method I have seen to make family history both entertaining and informative. A great example of how to make one's ancestors come alive.

Not only a children's book, it will appeal to historians and genealogists."

West Antelope Valley Historical Society

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This vibrant, appealing history, with a Little House on the Prairie–esque feel, is full of good, clean fun on a (literal) shoestring and detailed information on the Homestead Act, almond growing, and desert life.

An enjoyable, well-researched nonfiction work for young readers.

Kirkus Reviews