A story of a farm family in US history


About L&M Stamets

We believe it's important to be aware of how food grows. We witnessed food growing on our family farms where we lived in our youth. Feeling connected to the earth has helped us greatly during our 79 and 82 year-old-lives. Feeling connected to the earth has had a grounding effect on us and was a factor in building our self-esteem.

We want to replicate this experience, to the extent we can, through illustrated books featuring ordinary farm families in American history. Desert Almond Farmer is the first of our farm stories. Our next book will feature the Stamets family who grew wheat on its Kansas farm beginning in 1883. 

We hope to inspire readers to write and illustrate their own family stories. Art and photos make stories easier to comprehend and fun to create. It's an excellent way to spend retirement years.

––  L&M Stamets Publishers is owned by the formerly retired husband and wife team Leigh Stamets and Mary Kaye Godde Stamets. The company is based in Sacramento County, California.


About the Author

Mary Kaye Godde Stamets has been a writer since her school days. She started to write professionally as a contract negotiator, preparing research and development contracts with scientists and engineers at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory.

In her late 20s Mary Kaye moved to northern California, where she married one of those engineers and raised a family. Once again, she found herself involved with written contracts, this time as a real estate broker. 

She loves to travel, especially to remote islands and small villages. She has fond memories of traveling at sea on the SS United States passenger ship and Greek freighters back in 1967.

In addition to writing, she creates digital art, makes quilts, plays bridge, and in the summer she grows tomatoes.